Truly Certified Tosa-Inu Imported from Japan

Best of the Best

Having faith and giving praise to our Lord during the last 14 years of extremely work- has allowed us in my opinion, to have access to the most famous Tosa kennels (Historically Speaking) in Kochi Japan with larger Tosa Inu.

Kochi City, formerly known as Tosa City is historically recognized as the city of origin for the canine breed of Tosa Inu or Tosa-Ken. This city has produced the best international level dogs many imported to the United States. This has made it easier for Europe and other countries to obtain the breed and its descendents. If you observe the pedigree in kennels in the US, you can see the remarkable lineage in dogs descendent directly from Kochi City, Japan. In other words, the American kennels have acquired their dogs from Kochi and rate amongst the best in the world.

In light of the knowledge of the origin of the Tosa we decided to travel directly to the island of Kochi and contact the most influent people on the island, who are directly responsible of the continuity of the Tosa legacy. This honor has been handed down by their ancestors.

If you doing a very deep research all over the internet, you will find that for last yearís our Tosas bloodlines are out straight from Kochi Japan, the indigenous birthplace of the breed, with the most authentic fresh genes till 2010.

Why are you not able to find many breeders that have imported his Tosas from Kochi Japan out there?

Here are is the answer:
The difficulty and cost for acquiring a Tosa are innumerable, because this race is a national symbol. This is cause for many breeders to desist the import of these dogs. Other breeders import them from different regions, without the acknowledgement of the proper authorities in charge of preserving the race.

Over more then twenty years ago, several very good Tosas were brought to the US directly from Kochi, Japan. Today the descendent generations from those Dogs although there pedigree is registered, they lack the characteristics that distinguish their race.

The stronghold the Japanese have put around the Tosa, although very much admired and respected, have somewhat deterred the contribution well intentioned dog lovers can make to the enrichment or enlargement of the Tosa race around the world.

We wish to express our most sincere gratitude and recognition to people like Mr. Masaru Hirose, Mr. Shuuji Sasaki, and Mr. Mitsuyuki Maeda who have extraordinarily contributed to the historical preservation of the Tosa Inu in Kochi, Japan. They have been the inspiration to surpass all obstacles in obtaining our Tosa directly from their city.

For the first time in the history of Tosa Inu, there have been three different colors ( Red, Black and Brindle) imported directly from their birthplace (Tosa City or Kochi City) to the United States with the approval of the Preservation Registration Committee of Tosa-Inu in Kochi, Japan. The organization has certified that our dogs are genuine and able to represent the Tosa breed all over the world.

2000 Red Male (Meiyo Buke Mickey) Imported from Kochi, Japan

Mickey is the finest Pure Breed Imported Male Tosa-Inu to the United States from Kochi, Japan in 2000. Mickeyís docile temperament, clever, intelligence, gargantuan size, deep red color, black muzzle, large head, with just the right amount of wrinkle, and enormous paws. Have given Mickey a place in history as one of the best Tosa - Inu ever to leave Japan to represent the breed internationally.

Time moves on and the crowning of Mickey with living testimony of those who have had the privilege of owing a Mickey pup, continues to grow. We feel honored and blessed to have had the opportunity of owing a Tosa of such exceptional quality.

Our 2006 Red Female (Konatsu) Imported from Kochi, Japan

The following information is derived from research based data, and the personal experiences visiting many Tosu Inu Kennels in Japan because of our love for this breed. We have seen the good, the regular and the excellent components of the Tosa Inu breed program.

Five Years of waiting to get a female from Mr. Sasaki

Towards the end of 2001, after much planning, we visited the city of Kochi in hopes of purchasing a female Tosa and were placed on a waiting list. Two years later, we received a phone call from Japan informing us that there was a female Tosa waiting for us to pick her up.

So, on the 6th of September, 2003 we arrived in Kochi excited to meet our Tosa. To our dismay and great disappointment, the breeder decided to keep the dog because she had been the only female in the litter along with three males. Imagine how you would have felt after so much planning, making such an expensive trip, and then having to go home empty handed! It was a sad experience, but that is in the past, today we have been blessed with a beautiful gift. During our trip we had the opportunity to meet an extraordinary male Tosa owned by the President of the Tosa Fighting Association, Mr. Sasaki. Mr. Sasaki was going to produce a new litter with this male and we decided to patiently wait for a female from this litter because we were truly impressed with this male. We waited for three years. In 2006, we received the good news that a female Tosa was born for us and that she would be ready for pick-up in four months. Our patience proved more than worthwhile, we are now the proud parents of one beautiful female puppy. We learned a valuable lesson, nothing is easy there is always a price to pay, and in our case the wait was worth it.

Okay, so youíre probable thinking, why wait five years to get a female Tosa from Japan? Well, my friend, you can find the answer by looking at the photo below.

This photo was given to us by Mr. Hirose, the president of the Tosa Ken Center Kochi Japan. If ever you have the opportunity to visit the tourist Tosa Ken Center, going up the stairs to the second floor you can see a majestic reproduction of this picture in poster format. You know that if this photo is there then it is because it has a significant importance. This is a photo of the best puppy produced in 20 years by the outstanding, world renowned Tosa breeder Mr. Sasaki. You can actually verify this by logging on to websites of Japan imports, magazines, books and posters of dogs that have been imported for the past 20 years, and none will compare to this photo.

Mr. Sasaki, has dedicated his entire life to dog fighting and was an intimate friend of Mr. Maseru Hirose, founder the Tosa Ken Center in Kochi, Japan. Together they breed tremendously extraordinary Tosas. Mr. Sasaki success has placed him in the number one ranking and among the most influential Tosa breeders in Kochi and in all of Japan. He is in charge of the presidency of the main Tosa Fighting Association in Kochi Japan. Mr. Sasaki is nationally renowned and received the best of breed from leaders of other dog fighting associations from as far as Korea, from which he received a remarkable female pup. This is why after visiting Mr. Sasakiís kennel and seeing this extraordinary male specimen we decided to wait for this exemplary litter for five years, for which we have been rewarded with two remarkable females.

Here another female bred by Mr.: Sasaki around of the years 1980. That type of female only you are able to see it in photos, but nobody can find that type of specimen any more in Japan right now.

This photo was provided to us by Mr. Peter Keone Kim, Hawaii, USA

This is the first opportunity for you to see the parents of puppy female named Konatsu imported from Mr. Sasaki's legendary kennel on the island of Kochi, Japan.

Sire Maru




Here Mr. Perozo is photographed with Maru, the Sire of Yuzu and Konatsu from Kochi, Japan newly imported into the United States. He is honored with the privilege of having the offspring of this magnificent specimen.

Maru is the only Yokozuna title in Kochi, Japan with the characteristics that distinguish an original Tosa Inu, difficult to find in exported examples. To maintain the quality of the breed, their offspring have not been exported, but because they face the dangers of extinction, they are offered only to breeders in Kochi whose experience make them the masters at selecting only the very best of the litters for reproduction.

Dame Hana

She is a female Tosa-Inu with the structure and well defined characteristics. Her coat is very short and deep red, and her strong character is reflected in her imposing eyes and facial expression. She has had only one litter of which we own the only two females she produced. The privilege of being Dame Hana s offspring has permitted these puppies to develop a strong physique.

Here is a picture of Maru's and Hana's offspring: Starring Hana, Konatsu and sister.




The following are photos of Konatsu taken in Kochi, Japan

In this photo Konatsu was 21 days old

 Another photo of Konatsu

Two months old Konatsu and his sister





Here Konatsu and his sister are eating before taking the flight from
Kochi, Japan to the United States. They are three months old.

In this photo Konatsu was six months old

  We hope to see in the United States and Europe, Tosas imported from Japan better than the ones that we have today presented to the new lovers of this breed. We are sure this will greatly contribute to preserving the breed and saving it from extinction.

2009 Black Female (Sakura) Imported from Kochi, Japan

Sakura was imported March 2009 from Kochi, Japan. As we have stated before, Japanese Tosa breeders do not breed for conformation or show; they breed for only for sport. In 2006, we carefully selected the Sire and Dam that had the characteristics and qualities desired by Shaku1 for their offspring. Sakura is the result of that selected breeding and has the conformation qualities desired by many breeders. She is the most recent black female in the United States with JKC and FCI international registration. Sakura and her registrations are imported straight from Kochi, Japan.

Sakura's mother is one of the best black Tosas in Kochi, Japan that has reproduced excellent fighting males.

Mr. Girata is the owner of Sakura's mother. He is one of the directors of the Tosa Fighting Association in Kochi, Japan. Mr. Nagata, Vice President of the Tosa Fighting Association, through special arrangements, has graciously given Shaku1 an opportunity to have access to this excellent blood line. Other breeders wish they could have equal access to these highly desirable specimens.

Sakura is 25 inches tall and weighs 120 lbs.

This photo is of the directors of the Tosa Fighting Association of Kochi, Japan. Mr. Sasaki, President, is seated on the left of the Tosa and Mr. Nagata, Vice President, is seated to the right.

2010 Brindle Male (Ryoma) Imported from Kochi, Japan

In the year April 2009 we made a trip to Kochi Japan to pickup our black female. We had the privilege to see an amazing brindle male Tosa shown here.

This is the sire of Ryoma in Kochi, Japan

At Mr. Sasaki's Kennel we saw a male which we fall in love with. This male had all the qualities we are looking for. We plan to take one of our females to Japan for a year to mate with this male, but the process for all this is very complicated and expensive so we've decline to do so. We are very fascinated with the brindle color and we made an agreement with the Japanese's breeder to have a male offspring of this dog.

In December 2009, we received a call that they had a litter from the male we liked, and immediately we decide to have one male of this litter. In March 2010 we went back to Kochi Japan and pickup our brindle puppy.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we introduce to the world our newest imported brindle Tosa-Inu named Ryoma. Bred by Mr. Hikuyoshi Maeda former vice-president of the Tosa Ken Center in Urado, Kochi Prefecture Japan.

Ryoma is an excellent male with an extraordinary temperament and warrior spirit, who gives honor to his name, the immortal warrior Ryoma Sakamoto. Itís the first time a brindle Tosa male has been exported out of Kochi Japan in all Tosa history.

Ryoma has definitive characteristics that represent a true quality Tosa: big head, short nozzle, big bone, large size, agility, strong color, top line, conformation, and warrior spirit.

In our research, we have found that no other Tosa kennel has had the privilege of importing a quality male with the same brindle color like Ryoma from Kochi Japan.

Here is Ryoma at four months old.

In this photo, Ryoma is a 15 months old puppy and it still growning. He is 30 inches high and weighs 140 Lbs. He satisfies our requirements and helps us to continually be the best Tosa-Inu kennel breeder outside of Japan.

Here is a photo of an offspring male of Ryoma: 11 weeks old and 40 pounds. Mr. Juan Jimenez, Dom. Rep, owner.